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Certified ISO 20121, Maison Poirier is engaged in a continuous process of sustainable development through various actions.
This certification fully corresponds to the values of our company.
We integrate these societal and environmental processes into each of our internal and external developments and decisions.

Concerned about environmental issues and global awareness, we are doing everything to meet the new expectations of our partners and customers.
Our main ambition is to be a responsible and involved actor by your side.
La Maison Poirier has undertaken a proactive approach to fight against waste (water, paper, cardboard, electricity, fuel).
The goal is to enroll the company in a continuous improvement process.

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Responsible catering

La Maison Poirier is a catering and reception organizer. We are ISO 20121 certified. This certification requires to work with seasonal products, from short food circuits as much as possible, a sorting management, a fight against waste and the organization of food redistribution.

A kitchen on the move 

Like us, our kitchen is always in movement. We create, we divert, we adapt, we vary, we try out, we combine textures and flavors. When you love cooking, you don’t count ! No need to reach across the world to create a surprise in your plate, we have almost everything you need !

A team of professionals

For 10 guests as well as for 1500, the challenge remains the same: to play with your taste without false notes. A movement of pleasure is first enjoyed around a good plate !
Give free rein to your ideas, we’ll take care of everything else !

Well-known know-how

La Maison Poirier is part of TOSEVENTS group, which is also present in Lyon with Magner le Moment M, in Grenoble with La Fine Fourchette and in Marseille with La Truffe Noire.
Our team members can organize your events in Paris, Lyon, Clermont-Ferrand, Grenoble, Marseille, Cannes, Nice, Monaco and Geneva.


  • Installation of 3 separate bins in the offices for paper, plastic and cans, while reducing the number of CIW bins
  • Optimization of the heating and ventilation system to replace air conditioning systems
  • Use of LED bulbs
  • Policy of reducing internal document printing and double-sided printing
  • Integration of software to forward faxes to an email address
  • Recycling of toners from our printers via our supplier
  • Recycling of used batteries & light bulbs


By optimizing our organization every day and constantly improving our performance, we ensure the sustainability of the company.

  • Realization of all our new offers by combining quality, efficiency, respect for the environment and social equity
  • Prioritize the purchase of raw materials of French origin
  • Integration of recyclable and recycled products in our catalogue
  • Establishment of partnerships with local suppliers to promote short food circuits by taking the direction of Locavore
  • Regular investments in production tools to improve working conditions and productivity
  • Hiring policy close to the company to promote the employment pool in the neighbourhood
  • Gradual integration of teleworking


Maison Poirier is involved in a collaborative and social approach with their employees, suppliers, customers and partners.

  • Promoting equal opportunities for employees and social cohesion for all
  • Improving working conditions through an optimized organization
  • Training staff in sustainable development issues and improving their skills
  • Raising awareness of responsible driving among staff
  • Development of a local life with a local workforce


Quality and origin of products

  • Production carried out every morning between 3:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. to guarantee optimal freshness
  • Prioritize the purchase of raw materials of French origin
  • Seafood products are purchased according to our “MISTER GOODFISH” label

Ecological commitment

  • Disposable tableware made of wood, bamboo paper and cane fiber
  • Disposable presentation trays made of bamboo and wooden skewers
  • Use of glass bottles (returnable or disposable)
  • Waste management with reinforced selective sorting
  • Fight against waste (water, paper, cardboard, electricity, fuel…)
  • Integration of recyclable and recycled products