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Company Events

We can provide our reception expertise for your company event.

With Poirier Reception, rediscover what an excellent reception service feels like.

Bringing its expertise in full reception services to the table, Maison Poirier can offer you a selection of exceptional reception venues
and also provides assistance to your company for your private events.
We offer you a full range of Catering services to help you during each key moment in your company’s life.
Welcome coffees; aperitif, lunch and dinner cocktails; and business lunches with a buffet and/or table service.
Fresh and local products which have been carefully selected depending on the season.


Maison Poirier will help you with private company events and events at our partner venues. Ranging from aperitif cocktail events to incredibly glamorous dinners, we can offer you a wide range of innovative culinary ideas. Our business team of passionate food lovers will provide you with a solution that meets each of your requirements.


Maison Poirier devotes significant attention to the tableware at each of your events. We provide you with all the material that you need, crockery hire, table linen, event furniture and catering equipment.


Maison Poirier provides you with solutions that will meet your company’s catering needs. Whether it’s meal trays, lunch-box options, fresh sandwiches and salads, there is a wide range of catering options to delight the taste buds of the biggest food lovers. Fresh and varied products delivered directly to your premises.


In order to help you create a feeling of togetherness within your company, we can offer you cafe services, as well as a wide range of drinks, biscuits and premium single-use and environmentally-friendly crockery delivered directly to your premises.


  • Prestigious event
  • Product launch
  • Company incentive event
  • Seminar or annual conference
  • Opening of factories, new premises and more


  • Recommending themes
  • Tailoring our service to the chosen theme,
    with themed cocktail events and entertainment.
  • Customised headwaiter services and job briefings
  • Responsiveness and availability
  • Service monitoring from the start to the end of your event

Our main partner venues