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Food Stands

Maison Poirier’s Food Stands will delight people
who love discovering new flavours.

Choose your activity to make your event unique.

Our themed workshops will add the finishing touch to your receptions, giving them a friendly yet elegant touch.
From smoothie bars to frozen yoghurt and Foie Gras bars,
Maison Poirier can help you to create really special moments together at your events.
Skilled and cheerful entertainers for your event

Savoury treats



Try half-cooked duck foie gras on slices of plain and fig bread, all served up with four condiments: fig chutney, onion chutney, mango chutney and Guérande salt.


Come and enjoy the diversity of our local cuisine. Our oysters are served with lemon, bread rolls, Normandy butter and shallot vinegar by the producers from Normandy themselves. Complete oyster bar, including the oyster seller and the buffet equipment and decorative items.



Small prawns pan-fried in front of your guests, which are served on bamboo cocktail sticks and eaten plain or with a touch of lemon. The food is hot and is gently flavoured with 5 aromatic berries. The prawn stand comes with cooking equipment and display accessories.

Sweet Treats



Gourmet, original and delicious ice creams, which result in a appealing and creative stand! Ice cream rolls are gourmet and refreshing ice creams, prepared directly on a plate at -30°C. It is a real innovation for your event! Each ice cream roll bar is equipped with a counter, a cold plate, a fridge and containers for ingredients. This stand can also come in a “savoury” version.


The delicious waffles can easily to be eaten at your event thanks to their wooden sticks. Different-shaped waffles are available depending on the theme of your event: classic, heart or cone. The waffles are covered in melted chocolate, caramel sauce, whipped cream or icing sugar, depending on what attendees prefer. Your waffle must look wonderful before you munch it down!


Yoghurt-based ice creams, which are put together following attendees’ desires and finished off with a range of toppings of their choice: fresh fruit, muesli, honey, nuts for healthier attendees, chocolate sauce, Speculaas and sweets for the biggest food lovers. In addition, other Italian-style ice cream flavours are available: strawberry, mango, lemon, orange, grapefruit, salted butter caramel, dark chocolate and vanilla.


A creative and gourmet stand where you can enjoy chocolate fondues. This stand can come with skewers featuring fruit and/or sweets.



Delicious Britany crêpes with gentle flavours which are served to your guests. Your guests will not be able to resist the temptation and will run out of excuses. They’re no longer exclusive to Candlemas or Christmas.

Smoothies & Cocktails


Giving you to opportunity to see the spectacle of a juggling barman, our bar-entertainment services guarantee incredible entertainment, combined with opportunities to try unique cocktails, which are traditional, modern or even bespoke.


Delicious cocktails made out of juices from fresh fruit and vegetables, which are squeezed and blended on demand at your event.



To Beer lovers, Discover our 8 beers from 8 differents countries. Our barman invite you a trip between differents continents with differents specificities of atypical bottle beers. Amber, blonde, black, ginger … choose youre favorite !